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Cotton Tree Inn

Miss Janise at Jamaica Inn Hotel
Everywhere I look beyond The Cotton Tree Inn; black flesh seemed tied to the purse strings of foreigners paying for sex with drinks, meals, gifts, and cash. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. My first trip back to Jamaica in over three decades was supposed to be a voyage of discovery – a joy.
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Black Man on LBC Radio

Black Man on LBC Radio with Shelagh Fogarty

This black guy called LBC Radio recently to ask the nice white lady presenter, Shelagh Fogarty, why he and his “brown” daughter are considered black and not English. They were both born and raised in England, he said, but after only ten years of living here and speaking the lingo, nobody asked Eastern Europeans where they come from

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The Beyoncé Complex and Black Girls in Britain

Mathew Knowles On Beyonce's Skin Colour

So, Matthew Knowles says that his daughter, Beyoncé, would not be as famous or popular globally if she were dark-skinned. Well, tell us something we didn’t already know, Matthew. It might be useful to some to hear you finally admit it, after the aggressive marketing campaign to push your daughter onto the world as The Blonde Bombshell and All-American Showgirl, but that information can only be news to white folks or certain delusional people of colour. Beyonce is black?

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Sunday Morning Taxi Ride

Sunday morning taxi ride

From Village Junction to Parakuo Link Road is a straight two-mile stretch. On this seemingly neverending length of potholed tarmac, the walk home to Parakuo Estate could take up to forty-five minutes under a scorching sun. It is a seven-minute ride by the fastest route available in these parts, but that is often a private car or taxi on a listless Sunday morning. The roads are completely deserted today. Even the bus drivers are in church on this Sunday

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Once a Cheat, Always a Cheat?

Once a Cheat

In the context of a relationship, I’m one of those guys that if I’m with someone, I’m with them. It might take me forever to commit, but once I’m there, you’ve got me. If I should get to a point where I’m looking to cheat, it’s the end of the road for me.

I don’t cheat. I don’t do cheats. Since I know what it’s like to date a cheat, that’s enough reason for me to avoid cheating

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Why G Suite for Email on Custom Domains?

G-Suite for Email on Custom Domains

I have had this domain name for But I’ve been drowning in a sea of spam email messages of late. Endless offers of hot Russian girls and cheap Viagra tablets made sifting through email messages a tiresome and potentially dangerous pursuit. The phishers and spammers had got hold of my email address, and they were using it mercilessly. A friend suggested I try G

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This Must Be Deep

This Must Be Deep

Bumped into this guy I worked with once. CEO of the company. I only worked with them one day a week, but would often have to write reports and conduct meetings with their social media clients. Things usually started off very well at first. I would make a presentation, get the clients nodding along, but then somewhere toward the end of our meeting, he would get up and begin to

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My Heimlich Manoeuvre Joke Falls Flat in Jamaica


I’m on holiday in Jamaica hanging out with friends and some people they know. Everybody is telling stories. People are laughing and fooling around, and then, they turn to me and say, “Hey, Paul, tell us a joke from England, nuh man? You must know whole heap-a-good jokes from over there.” I’m like, no, you know, I’m no good at jokes. They say, “Come, man. We’re all here telling jokes, drinking rum, and acting stupid. What you have for

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Mum Died. Feeling Darker Than Blue


Which reminds me, it’s time for Paul Boakye. Paul is a playwright and the editor of Drum magazine and is apparently a seriously natty dresser. Alas, Paul’s mum died last year, and last year, he also got to visit his father’s grave in Jamaica for the first time. These things left him feeling, understandably, alone.1)Thoughts on bereavement, loneliness, childhood, home, and the death of a parent. Darker Than Blue is written

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G Suite Support Team or Superheroes?

Google Support Team Superheroes

Got stuck in a kind of Groundhog Day with my web hosting provider recently. I was trying to persuade them to fix a problem of their own creation. Had to call them day after day from London to the USA for several days. I dread to think now what my phone bill will be when it comes. It was almost as if I had never experienced excellent customer service before until I dealt with the G Suite Support Team.

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Male Bonding in three Movies

Posters for male bonding movies

Male bonding in movies is still a relatively rare subject for the cinema to tackle. If it’s not one of the new crop of movies exploring gay relationships, cinema usually doesn’t know how to portray the love, admiration and affection between men.

Here are three very different films. They explore unique approaches to the subject of male bonding. It’s probably interesting to note that each is set in a predominantly all-male environment.

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Random Act of Kindness Lost

No Random Act of Kindness

A random act of kindness has been the hallmark of my life for as long as I can recall. Like the random act of kindness when I was six years old, and Miss Ivy plucked me from the streets of Kingston, fed me, clothed me then sent me to school for nearly two years because I looked like her only son who had died in a road

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