Is It Better to Be Mixed Race?

November 3, 2009 - 3 minutes read
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I watched ‘Is It Better to Be Mixed Race?‘ on Channel 4 last night, and had a couple of observations.

As far as I’m aware, correct me if I’m wrong, the greatest genetic differences between people exist on the continent of Africa. Meaning two so called ‘black’ Africans can be as different, genetically, as the difference between an Australian Aborigine and the whitest German. Which kind of beg the questions, ‘what is race,’ and ‘is skin colour and facial features a significant enough determinant of the differences between human beings?’

As I understand it, if most of the world’s genetic variations already exist in Africa, if something were to happen to wipe out the rest of mankind, all the genetic material required to recreate the various so called ‘races’ as we know them, can already be found among the population of Africa. Hardly surprising, when you consider that the ‘Motherland’ is said to be the cradle of all civilisation.

But what does it mean when scientists and programme makers with vested interests try to convince you that ‘racial mixing,’ usually meaning European and something else, is as genetically diverse as you can get, and naturally very good for us? Better looking kids, smarter, faster, more socially adept. Isn’t this the same old racial classifications based on skin-colour argument again–more a social construct than a biological fact? I’m just asking?

Is It Better To Be Mixed Race

Since much of “the people we call black today are in fact the polylithic progeny of Africans, Indians, Asians, Europeans–depending on where you find them” –what exactly does it mean to be mixed race? We are obviously not just talking about genetic diversity here, but perhaps, more importantly, looking mixed race, that is, European (or close to it) and something else.

In this context, it is perhaps interesting to note that Brazil, used in the programme to illustrate a society where upwards of 90% of the population identify as ‘mixed,’ still suffers from gross inequalities based upon the colour of one’s skin.

Ask yourself this question. Why fight for equality and an end to discrimination in in society when the simple answer is to insist on mixed race off-springs, who will be generally preferred to black children, and more likely to succeed as a consequence of this preference?

Now all you have to do is ensure that they stay on the path of lightness, and in only a little while, all traces of you will have disappeared. And the problem will still remain as it was in the beginning–those pesky dark-skinned people.

At the end of this documentary, I found myself asking, are you merely living your life for no one else but you? Or are you simply following another man’s programme?

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