Emergency Care

State of Emergency

An old man walked into the 37th Military Hospital in Accra early one morning. He…

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Children from Village of the Damned

Black woman, white children

The young American white couple a few doors away from me are leaving Ghana today….

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What is it with black women and wigs?

My mother wore a wig for all 47 years of her life in England. I still for the life of me can’t understand why. Why at twenty-one years old she would suddenly decide to hide her own natural hair and start wearing any one of a dozen Winnie Mandela-style curly afro wigs in public?

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Race in America

‘Why do you think Romney has such a lead among whites?’ asked The Washington Post, as if racial prejudice isn’t part of America’s history and daily life?

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Living on The Frontline

Leon Alexander always liked to remember the old time sayings from home. And when he dropped them on these British-born youngsters, they always had to wonder. When he explained to them, they’d get it. But he’s stopped all that now.

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Mistaken Identity: The white man with my wallet.

The White Man and My Wallet – A Case of Mistaken Identity

The idiot was standing there with my wallet in his hand, and this look on his face like he’d just captured some thief, and was about to call the police. Why do you suppose these things always happen to me?

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Is it better to be mixed-race?

Is It Better to Be Mixed Race?

Is It Better to Be Mixed Race? Brazil still suffers from gross inequalities based on skin colour although over 90% of the population identify as ‘mixed’ .

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Winter in America: A Taxi Here & There

Friends told me, ‘DC’ meant ‘Dark City,’ so I packed my bags and headed for a year in “The Nation’s Capital” – Washington, District of Columbia, U-S of A. The day is a Saturday, 12th October, and The Million-Man March is scheduled for Monday.

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