Burt Reynolds in Deliverance

Deliverance (film classic)

Deliverance (1972) is British director John Boorman’s gripping action-adventure about four suburban businessmen on a…

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On Being a Big Man in Ghana

Big Man / Small Boy in Ghana

Two men beside me are talking very loudly, but I don’t understand what they’re saying. Not even enough to know if they’re talking about me. Another man has joined. They are definitely not talking about me – at least not now. They seem not even to notice my presence. Am I a ghost, a mere shadow of my former self?

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Minister Pierre

The Fall of Minister Pierre

The Right Honourable Phillip J. Pierre (MP) on sustainable tourism and economic development in Saint Lucia.

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Nick Drake Through the Eyes of The Other

It can’t be much fun sharing your name with a famous dead rock star. Nick Drake is a poet, playwright and novelist.

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