Boy with Beer (New Kindle Edition)

A new edition of the critically acclaimed play “Boy with Beer” is live in the Kindle Store and is available for readers to purchase here. Twenty-five years after its London debut, “Boy with Beer remains a pertinent and articulate insight into contemporary Black male sexuality.”

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Boy with Beer Kindle Edition Front Cover
Boy with Beer, Kindle Edition, Front Cover.

The sexually charged drama sees upwardly-mobile, gay photographer, Karl, having trouble uncovering the finer feelings of coarse, young raver, Donovan, who is initially only after a quick fumble under the sheets without his girlfriend finding out.

Karl is the older man, tired of one-night stands and searching for his ‘African prince.’ What he finds is Donovan, an inarticulate, confused and emotionally immature homeboy, trying to prove his masculinity by fathering a child.

What ensues is the story of a relationship taking its first steps on the rocky road to love. On the way, issues such as AIDS, male sexuality, and the problems of being both black and gay are raised.

Boy with Beer, Kindle Edition, Back Cover.
Boy with Beer, Kindle Edition, Back Cover

Boakye unflinchingly puts gay men under the spotlight and shows you how it is. Although described as a tad optimistic at times, Boy with Beer is also unrelentingly candid. It is not every day that you get to read such a startlingly honest portrayal of gay love. With every twist in the tale, you’ll be praying that love really can conquer all.

The play was first published by Methuen Drama in Black Plays 3 edited by Yvonne Brewster (1995). Please feel free to post a review on the Amazon site, if you’ve downloaded and read a copy of the stage play, or leave a comment here. Either way, we’re always happy to hear from you. Enjoy.

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