Mum Died. Feeling Darker Than Blue


Which reminds me, it’s time for Paul Boakye. Paul is a playwright and the editor of Drum magazine and is apparently a seriously natty dresser. Alas, Paul’s mum died last year, and last year, he also got to visit his father’s grave in Jamaica for the first time. These things left him feeling, understandably, alone.1)Thoughts on bereavement, loneliness, childhood, home, and the death of a parent. Darker Than Blue is written

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Disrespecting the Black Woman. Really?

Disrespecting the Black Woman

I was out for lunch with a friend the other day when I spotted this cardigan in the window of a small retro clothes store in Brixton. It looked just like original art to me and could have been costume from a blaxploitation film. There was this big rounded 1970s collar with dark brown calf-pelt panels stitched down the front. I liked it immediately. Walked into the shop, pulled it off the mannequin, and tried it on. It looked

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Chinese Invasion

Chinese invasion Ghana

The Chinese are adept at adapting. See them navigating the markets, streets and tro-tros of Accra in 90-degree heat like true Africans. They’re telling us without uttering a word that they’re here to set down roots at least for a while.

Whole families have come, it seems. Darting through the crowds in small but perfectly ordered ant-like patterns, paying little or no mind to anyone else but the people in their group, and the odd sellers, street vendors, and

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