Why G Suite for Email on Custom Domains?

G-Suite for Email on Custom Domains

I have had this domain name for yearspaulboakye.net. But I’ve been drowning in a sea of spam email messages of late. Endless offers of hot Russian girls and cheap Viagra tablets made sifting through email messages a tiresome and potentially dangerous pursuit. The phishers and spammers had got hold of my email address, and they were using it mercilessly. A friend suggested I try G Suite.

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20 Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress is probably the best and most versatile blogging system available this side of anywhere.

For those of you who don’t already know, WordPress is a web publishing platform (also known as a content management system) written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. It is used to manage frequently-updated Web content, especially Weblogs. WordPress is distributed under the GNU General Public License and is available free of

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