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Everybody Hates Naomi

Made a wrong turning on Google News and ended up at the Daily Mail website reading yet another disparaging article on Naomi Campbell. She’s lost her hair, losing her hair, dating a Russian, a Brazilian, no, it’s the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, and so on. Now I know already exactly what you’re thinking. If you’re in the public eye then you deserve a dressing down from time to time and that Naomi Campbell, well, that girl she is a bitch!

Naomi Campbell

Now I’ve been a fan of Naomi Campbell for twenty-odd years, and I’ve collected numerous magazines, press-cutting and video clips about Ms Campbell throughout the years. But while Naomi is loved and adored across Europe, North America, and most of the rest of the world, it is surprising how little comes out of Britain that is actually in support of the Streatham-born supermodel. In fact, I can only recall a handful of articles published in the UK about Naomi that didn’t dwell on her alleged lateness, rudeness, bad attitude, bad temper, violent nature, past drug addiction, etc.

I’ve also worked for many years in fashion and the media, and most people who actually meet Naomi Campbell are surprised at just how sweet and shy she is as well as beautiful. Now I’m not saying that there’s no smoke without fire, but give the woman a break, please. Countless column inches are reserved to extol the virtues of the haggard-looking Kate Moss and her on-again-off-again crack-addicted babyfather, but Naomi Campbell is British too, you know, even if she prefers to live aboard because no one in England has a good word to say about her.

Say what you will, thankfully Ms Campbell doesn’t need the British media to make her rich, famous, and super.

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  • I love Naomi and thought that the racist idiotic fashionistas probably deserved what she dished out – however – she has been awful to other emerging black supermodels (Tyra Banks famously called her on it in an hour long special of her show) and seems to lack the social skills required in order to deal with the press and the public eye in general.

    But – I recently saw a great article on her in the Observer talking about her work in Africa drawing attention to women who die or have problems while giving birth in Africa. She seems genuinely interested in the fate of these people – and has made a friend of Sarah Brown (Gordon’s wife) to help her in the process .

    So – she’s not all bad. She just needs a strong publicist to teach her how to play the game a little. And maybe lay off the cocaine.

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