Google Support Team Superheroes

G Suite Support Team or Superheroes?

Got stuck in a kind of Groundhog Day with my web hosting provider recently. I was trying to persuade them to fix a problem of their own creation. Had to call them day after day from London to the USA for several days. I dread to think now what my phone bill will be when it comes. It was almost as if I had never experienced excellent customer service before until I dealt with the G Suite Support Team. Apart from being supremely knowledgeable, confident, and courteous, the G Suite Support Team go all out to ensure that your problem is solved.

Why the G Suite Support Team Rock

I was having issues with the MX records not updating or propagating across the internet at my domain hosting service. It had been impossible to receive or send messages from my new Gmail for custom domains email address for over a week. No amount of phone calls to my domain hosting company could solve the issue. Then a guy from the G Suite Support Team called me all the way from the United States. He hooked me up on a three-way conversation with my domain hosting provider and didn’t stop there when the call was disconnected. He rang back again, explained the situation all over again to someone else at the domain hosting company, and would not give up until the problem was fixed.

G Suite Support Team Superheroes

It was like being connected to someone from Mission Impossible or 0-0-7 on Her Majesty’s Secret Service. However, with another job successfully tucked under his belt, the guy from Google’s G Suite Support Team wished me a good day and hung the phone. “I mean, who was that masked man?” Seriously, though, I was totally impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me. It was not the first time this week that a G Suite Support Team player had gone beyond the call of duty in getting the job done.

This particular superhero was the third such person I had spoken to in the course of setting up my G Suite account. Each one had been as competent as the next. The first guy I talked to had walked me expertly through the setting up of my email address to go via their Gmail servers. It worked brilliantly for three days before someone at my hosting company decided to reverse the process. I am not sure if there’s any significance in the fact that two of the three G Suite Support Team members I dealt with were from South America. It did, however, leave me wondering exactly how much Google must pay their support staff. They always seem so intent on leaving no stone unturned in a quest to satisfy their customers’ every need. It was certainly very evident from the people I spoke to that they all enjoy the work they do.

G Suite Support Team Compared to Others

By comparison, whenever I am forced to contact the support team at my web hosting company, I find myself having to take a deep breath. I breathe deeply in the hope that luck of the draw will get me someone half decent today who is actually having a good day. Should I make the call to America, the chances are that I will get through to someone rude and arrogant, but with a thin veneer of a smile. If I use their so-called online chat service, I will wind up typing messages with someone in India. They are usually a lot more polite at the other end, but much more likely to give me incorrect information. That was why we were having this problem in the first place. Someone in India had made a mistake, tried to correct it, and ended up causing me seven days of chaos.

Thankfully, the G Suite Support Team is showing companies everywhere exactly how to do customer service. Their mothership may be a tax-dodging monolithic conglomerate trying to take over the world, but at least they do so from the standpoint that the customer comes first. Incidentally, I pay to Google $5 a month for their G Suite Basic plan.1)I found a couple of promotional codes for you to get 20% off the first year on either a G Suite Basic plan [XAKUCPFFWKUKQVU] or a G Suite Business plan [X4WY96LWKXNALTJ]. Each code may only be redeemed once. My web hosting company gets $19.99 a month for poor customer service, and I’ve just signed up for a new three-year deal. Not bright, am I?

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1. I found a couple of promotional codes for you to get 20% off the first year on either a G Suite Basic plan [XAKUCPFFWKUKQVU] or a G Suite Business plan [X4WY96LWKXNALTJ]. Each code may only be redeemed once.

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