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My Two-Week TfL Experience

My TfL Experience (Transport for London)

When I started a two-week placement at TfL in Victoria, I knew at best what most people know about Transport for London. TfL runs the tube and bus services in our capital. TfL hires thousands of bus drivers, London Underground staff and a network of engineers and other employees. What more was there to it? Weren’t they now part of our new Mayor’s empire at Greater London

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Disrespecting the Black Woman. Really?

Disrespecting the Black Woman

I was out for lunch with a friend the other day when I spotted this cardigan in the window of a small retro clothes store in Brixton. It looked just like original art to me and could have been costume from a blaxploitation film. There was this big rounded 1970s collar with dark brown calf-pelt panels stitched down the front. I liked it immediately. Walked into the shop, pulled it off the mannequin, and tried it on. It looked

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Theatre, Writing, and Influences

Theatre Writer Writing: Art by Adolla

As Boy with Beer is revived at The King’s Head Theatre nearly twenty-five years after its debut at The Man in the Moon Theatre, I’ve been on the media trail to drum up publicity for the production. Here’s a selection of Questions & Answers about the play, this latest production, and the writing process that first appeared on The Colourful Network website.

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Kings Head Theatre Revives Boy with Beer

Black gay men's classic Boy with Beer at Kings Head Theatre

The 25th Anniversary Production of my play Boy with Beer, Britain’s first ever black gay drama, hits the Kings Head Theatre from 8-26 November 2016.

Slip under the covers of 90’s Brixton with upwardly mobile photographer Karl and swaggering homeboy Donovan as they explore their most intimate desires while squaring up to social expectations and their innermost

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Betty Blue [372 le Matin] (1986)

Betty Blue

I thought I’d seen “Betty Blue” before. The title seemed vaguely familiar to me. So, for years I avoided the movie, convinced by the pouting girl on its cover that I’d seen it already. A standard piece of Hollywood dross, I told myself. Not even realising that the film was French and subtitled. But once the story started and threw us into the mix with its languid photography and that long, sweaty, obsessive sex scene that introduces the director’s

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How to Repair Your Credit Report

Low Credit Score? Fix Your Credit Report

Check your credit report, people! You never know what these credit reference agencies may have incorrectly listed against your name. They may still have you residing at the various addresses where you’ve lived in the recent or even distant past. My credit report was so wrong that I couldn’t even borrow a fiver on credit less than a month before I started this journey. Here’s what I did to resolve the

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To Buckingham Palace to Visit The Queen

My Royalist mother must have been smiling down at me from her seat on the right-hand side of God, as the taxi arrived 1)Monday, 12th November 2007 to pick me up to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Today 2)Saturday 1st December 2007

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Bribery, God, and Me

bribery Ghana land commission

I am meeting a gentleman from the Lands Commission to map and measure the exact area of land I’m registering with them. He has agreed to meet me at five on a Sunday morning in Madina to drive to the land in Aburi South because he says, he needs to be back and in church by 7:30 am at the latest. I find this church admission quite laughable, to be honest with you. Not least of all because I

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Build Your Dream Home in Ghana

Build your dream home in Ghana (2017)

Want to build your dream home in Ghana? Litigation-free registered land available for immediate development. Stunning views. Quick sale or exchange for farmland with a house outside Accra. Grab a piece of paradise while you still can.

Situated less than an hour’s drive inland of Accra, the green and breezy hills of Adamorobe (more popularly known as “Aburi South”) has long been a choice destination for local day-trippers, as well as expatriates wanting to live or hang out in

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