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Dutchman (1966) 55 mins


Dutchman (1966) is the 55 mins film adaptation of Armri Baraka’s shocking one-act stageplay, first presented at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City in March, 1964. It won the Obie Award for best off-Broadway play, putting Baraka, who was actively contributing to five other plays at the time, into the public limelight. Actors: Shirley Knight, Al Freeman Jr., Frank Lieberman, Robert Calvert, Howard Bennett. Director: Anthony

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Is It Better to Be Mixed Race?

Is it better to be mixed-race?

I watched ‘Is It Better to Be Mixed Race?‘ on Channel 4 last night, and had a couple of observations.

As far as I’m aware, correct me if I’m wrong, the greatest genetic differences between people exist on the continent of Africa. Meaning two so called ‘black’ Africans can be as different, genetically, as the difference between an Australian Aborigine and the whitest German. Which kind of beg the questions, ‘what is race,’ and ‘is skin colour and facial

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Herman Leonard in The Age of Jazz

Jazz Photographer Herman Leonard

Friend and photographer to the immortals of jazz, Herman Leonard is the daddy of jazz photography. Paul Boakye caught up with a living legend still in pursuit of pleasure.

Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, March 6th 1923, Herman Leonard was eight years old when he walked into a darkroom and saw naked pictures of his brother’s wife developing in a tray. It was 1931 with no Playboy magazine or anything like that around and the nudity shocked him. Then he

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Black British School Daze

At twelve, my best friend was a white boy named David who lived across the road from us. He and I walked to school together, both worshipped Arsenal Football Club, went berry picking with his dad in summer, slept in each other’s house at weekends or pitched a tent in the back yard just for fun in stormy

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Everybody Hates Naomi

Nothing But a Man

Made a wrong turning on Google News and ended up at the Daily Mail website reading yet another disparaging article on Naomi Campbell. She’s lost her hair, losing her hair, dating a Russian, a Brazilian, no, it’s the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, and so on. Now I know already exactly what you’re thinking. If you’re in the public eye then you deserve a dressing down from time to time and that Naomi Campbell, well, that girl she is a

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