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The Fall of Minister Pierre

Minister Pierre

The Saint Lucian government had been pushing for increased tourism on the island, and so as editor of Drum magazine, I went to have a look.

I met up with the Right Honourable Phillip J. Pierre – Minister for Tourism, Commerce, Investment and Consumer Affairs – to discover his philosophy on sustainable tourism and economic development in the

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Nick Drake Through the Eyes of The Other

It can’t be much fun sharing your name with a famous dead rock star, but Nick Drake came to Goldsmiths’ College and he did not disappoint.

The poet, playwright and novelist turned up at short notice to replace author Jackie Kay who was sick with back trouble. You can generally tell within a minute or two if you’ll like a speaker or not and when our eyes met briefly and he smiled and nodded, I thought, I like

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I Ain’t Yo Nigger!

no yo nigger

Some of my ‘brothers’ in England will tell you that Hip-hop and Rap music have legitimized use of the term “Nigger” among large sways of Black and non-Black people in America, and that we, too, in England should get with the program and throw off our shackles from the

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