This Must Be Deep

This Must Be Deep

Bumped into this guy I worked with once. CEO of the company. I only worked with them one day a week, but would often have to write reports and conduct meetings with their social media clients. Things usually started off very well at first. I would make a presentation, get the clients nodding along, but then somewhere toward the end of our meeting, he would get up and begin to speak.

Several moments later, I would still be sat there looking at the puzzled faces and thinking, wait a minute. “Now, I understood each of those words individually,” as Gil Scott-Heron might say, “but hell knows if I can make any sense out of them from the order in which they currently appear. This must be deep.”

And that’s what he made you believe. This must be deep! For on the surface of things, he spoke well and sounded very coherent and in control, but if you took the time to listen and to follow what he had to say, you would quickly realise that he had nothing much to contribute at all. I suppose that is why he had me there. “Direct and to the point,” because it was always like this swirling whirlpool of noncommittal claptrap coming from out of his mouth. This must be deep.

This Must Be Deep

I mean, how do they do that? Do you have to go to some expensive business school to learn how to perfect the art of talking complete and utter drivel, while still managing to sound competent? I guess you must do. He was the one at the head of the company, and I was the one on a contract, coming in one day per week to clinch the deals with his social media clients. You must know some company executives who fit that description. It’s a con I would like to learn.

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